In considering architecture as a vehicle for “holding,” I think about two influences: Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s idea of the act of perceiving and the engagement our body and Architect Juhani Pallasmaa's interest in the role of our body and our senses with architecture. The work in Perpetual Echoes draws upon aspects of Optical Art and Post-Minimalism to create a non- linear narrative informed by associations of interior/exterior, manmade/nature, water, light, and air. Interpretations of tiles, corners, windows and screens further investigate ideas of psychological escape, privacy and protection. My palette is consciously limited. Reflections, shadows, translucency, opaqueness, glossy and matte surfaces are of specific intent. The natural beauty and qualities of chosen materials are emphasized. Inspiration came from what I noticed and felt about the space: the natural light, the windows, the window screens, and the freestanding corner specific to this particular space. I have also taken into consideration the fact that it is mid-winter and my experience of longing for signs spring.